Vintage Photos

Thank you to all that were kind enough to provide me with these old photos of Paso Robles and permission to use them on the website.

The Farmhouse Motel

The Suburban Lodge in 1949
Steafen's Texaco. Photo courtesy of Dave Skinner
The "Polar Freeze" was located in the 800 block of Spring St. across from the current Midstate Bank center. Photo courtesy of Dave Skinner
Smith's drive-in was across from the High School. Photo courtesy of David Skinner
Fred's Norwalk Station in the late 50's. Could that be Ethel pumping the Ethyl? Photo courtesy of David Skinner
Photo from 1946 in front on the Moon Valley Cabins. Photo courtesy of Judy Metcalf
This photo is of Standard Station #280 at 12th and Spring St. from the early 1900's. Photo courtesy of Gary Smith
1949 photo of the Dahl Brothers Garage located at the NW corner of 34th and Spring St. It was operated by Delmer and Burton Dahl. Photo courtesy of Don Dahl.


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