Location #3

Downtown San Luis Obispo. I included this location because of the large number of good vintage photos that are available. I start this location off with some shots that I did looking down the streets around Marsh, Higuera, and Monterey. I will fill in with vintage photos of similar composition as I collect them.

Updated 3/8/2006.... Marsh St. bridge (1909) photos added.

Looking south on Marsh St. from Osos.

Looking north on Marsh from Osos.
Looking east on Santa Rosa St. toward Marsh. The 101 was routed around this corner, and over 2 blocks to Monterey.
Looking west from Santa Rosa and Higuera toward Monterey. The 101 route made the turn north on Monterey.
Looking north on Monterey from near Santa Rosa. This was gas station alley in the 50's.
View looking north on Monterey from Osos. The Fremont is still here, but something new is being built beyond it.
View looking south on Monterey from Osos. The old Anderson Hotel is on the left.
Looking north on Higuera from Morro.
Looking south on Higuera from Morro.
Looking north on Higuera. Osos St is the intersection with the traffic light.
The 1909 bridge over San Lus Obispo Creek on Marsh St. is about a half block south of Santa Rosa St.
View looking north of the east side railing.
Close-up look at the railing.
View facing south of the west side of the bridge.
Another view of the west side.
See. I'm not the only one who sees the historic value in these things.


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