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San Luis Obispo is one of the most varied and richest sections in the project. With a great combination of the old highway sections, and many different types of businesses, including the Motel Inn, which was the first to coin the word "Motel" in 1925, it was truly a pleasure to discover and document the old 101 route in this area.
Because of the large number of locations in this section, I have divided SLO into two sub-sections, north and south.

The south section begings at the convergence of the current 101 freeway and South Higuera Dr. In the southern portion of this section, the 101 exists in three flavors. The current freeway, South Higuera Drive, and the oldest section which extends from near S. Higuera and the freeway north to about a quarter mile south of the intersection of S. Higuera and Los Osos Valley Rd.. From there it continues north on S. Higuera and stops at South Street. Updated...3/29/05.. Location #A was added.

The north section begins at South Street, and continues north on S. Higuera up until the intersection with Marsh Street. The original California Route 2, which was designated US 101 in 1925 came north on Higuera up to Chorro St., then jogged over one block to Monterey St, and contuinued north out of town. Beginning in 1933, the old 101 was re-routed up Marsh Street, all the way to Santa Rosa where it turned east for two blocks over to Monterey Road. It then turns north on Monterey Road and continues up to the merge with the current freeway. The 1953 freeway bypass cut off a small section of the old route in the area of Cuesta Park. From there it follows the existing freeway route north to the Cuessta Grade section.

Updated 9/15/2005.... Location #M ( Special page for the Madonna Inn ) Added

Updated 3/08/2006.... Location #B added (Bianchi St. Bridge)... Marsh St. Bridge photos added to Location #3

North Section

Location 2 Location 4 Location 5 Location 6 Location 7 Location 8 Location 3 "The Sub" Bianchi St. Bridge

Location #



South Section

Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Location 5 Location 6 Location 7 1932 Alignment Madonna Inn

Location #

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