Location #4

The Los Padres Motel at 1575 Monterey Ave. Formerly known as the Rose Bowl Court back around 1960 or earlier. Its on the east side of the old route which continues north on Monterey Rd. up to the merge with the current freeway. Also included here is the Lamplighter Motel, which is just north of the Los Padres on the opposite side of Monterey Rd.. I'm still researching this one.

Update..1/26/05. Thanks to John and Dianne Conner, owners of the Petit Soleil Bed & Breakfast at 1473 Monterey St., I have added this property to the project. It was originally built as the Don Motel in 1952.

View looking north from Monterey Rd.

Cabins on the south side of the complex.

The friendly little office.

View looking north from across Monterey.

Wider angle view.

The Petit Soleil B&B. View from Monterey St.

This is how it looked in 1952 when it was the Don Motel. Photo courtesy of John and Dianne Conner.

View looking east at the courtyard and office. It has obviously gone through a lot of remodeling since it was the old Don Motel.


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