Location #7

The Peachtree Inn at 2001 Monterey Rd.. Back around 1956, this was called the "Town & Country Motel". It has quite a few units in the back near the creek, and has been very well maintained over the years. If I didn't already live near here, this is where I would want to stay if I was visiting. Very cozy.
The other motel in this location is actually now the "Trellace Court" part of the Apple Farm Hotel and restaurant. But in the 50's this was know as "The Ritz Motel". It's also on the west side of the route at the very northern end of Monterey Rd. just south of the Motel Inn.

View looking east of the sign, and the front office.

Wider view from across the street.
View from the balcony behind the office of the units in the rear of the property. A creek runs behind the rooms in the back.
Similar view as the above photo.
View looking northwest of the units in the front of the property.
The north units of the old Ritz Motel.
The south units of the old Ritz Motel, and the drive-thru office.
A closer view of the old Ritz Motel drive-thru office.


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