Location #9

When the freeway bypass was built in 1952, it cut off a small section of the old 101 route that has been left pretty much undisturbed over the years. It's now called Miossi Rd, and is located in the area just north and northeast of Cuesta Canyon Park. It has gates on both ends, but is drivable. This section is remarkably well preserved. It couln't have looked much different than this 70 years ago.

Updated 3/29/05.... The last 3 photos south of Cuesta Canyon Park were added.

View looking northeast from the Cuesta Canyon Park entrance to Miossi Rd.

View looking southwest from Miossi Rd about halfway between the park and its convergence with the current freeway.
View looking west near where the old route meets up with the new freeway. You can see the gate in center of the photo.
Miosi Rd. south of Cuesta Canyon Park. View looking south.
Another view looking south. Near the top of this photo, the old route crosses over the current freeway. Motel Inn is on the other side.
Same location as the above photo looking north. Cuesta Canyon Park is on the right.


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