Location #A

This location was added to the project after addition research on 6/4/05.

This old gas station building is located on the corner of Pismo St. and Higuera. It is currently used as part of "The Sub" poster, lighting and gift shop at 295 Higuera St. This was originally a Union Oil service station, and dates back to the 1930's. It's address was actually 283 Higuera St and was listed in the old phone directory as Union Oil station # 1096 in 1939. In 1945 it was Hodges' Union Oil Service station.

View looking east from the corner of Pismo and Higuera.

View looking north.
The rear wall of the old station.
Evidence in the cement of the old pump locations.
Some patching in the cement going to the pumps.
More patching to the other side.
View looking south from near the entrance to "The Sub".


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