Location #B

This location was added to the project after addition research on 3/8/2006.

The bridge over San Luis Obispo Creek on Bianchi St. isn't actually on any of the 101 routes. I saw it listed in a Cal-Trans .pdf file as being built in 1905, which would make it one of the oldest highway bridges on the central coast, so I decided to check it out. The old steele structure is a little rusty now, but still in pretty good shape. On the west side of the creek, in the area between the 101 freeway and the creek, is the Madonna Construction offices, with thier old neon sign still out front.

View looking west.

The builder's plate from 1905.
This plate is directly is on the other side.
The railing on the north side.
A little rusty.
View looking east toward Higuera St.
View looking north.
Madonna's classic old neon sign. I think thats a bulldozer in the center.
The other side.


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