Location #1

This is the southermost area in the SLO section. It is near the area where S. Higuera merges with the current 101 freeway. There is a short section of Cloveridge Ln. which is an old paved section of 101 and it dead ends to the south where the current freeway covers it. The other part of this location is a private ranch bridge that was apparantly built with pieces of the old 101 cement slab.

View looking south on Cloveridge Ln. where it dead ends near the freeway. This may have been a by-passed multilate part of the old 101.

View looking north from the same loacation as the above photo.
A few pieces of the old highway at the dead end barrier.
View looking north. The position of the markings here indicate that it was possibly a multi-lane section.
This private ranch bridge is located just north of Cloveridge Lane. It looks normal until you look underneath it.
The abutments on both sides are made from pieces of the old 101 cement freeway.
Somebody spent a lot of time piling these things up.
Same as above but wider angle.
This may have been a piece of an old 101 bridge.


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