Location #2

Just north, and adjacent to location #1 on the west side of Cattleman Rd. is a collection of around 25 tiny houses in a grid pattern. I'm still researching this little community, but here's what I know so far. It is currently owned my Armando Chavez of San Lucas. It was housing for the farm and ranch workers in the area, but I have no information on the year. Apparantly, according to several people that I have spoken to it was known as Camp Rojo, or Red Camp, and at some time, the use of pesticides in the crops nearby contaminated the drinking water supply, and the place was abandoned. I hope to get more details about this location in the near future, and will update this page as soon as I do.

View of some of the houses looking southwest.

More of the houses. View facing northwest.

Closer look at one of these tiny homes.

Another close view of one of the homes. Note the E2 near the door.

The original cement highway ran directly in front of Camp Rojo. View looking south.

View looking north from the entrance to the ranch.

An aerial photo of the location showing the grid pattern.


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