San Lucas Section


The San Lucas section consists of the 15 mile stretch of mostly Cattleman Rd. that runs between San Ardo and King City. This was the last of the old two lane sections of Highway 101 to be bypassed by the current freeway, which was completed in 1972. Because of the combination of 2-lane traffic, no passing lanes, and dangerous dips where oncoming traffic was not visible, this stretch was particularly dangerous. It was often referred to as " Blood Alley ", or " Death Road ". I prefer the latter, as I have always reserved the name "Blood Alley" for the stretch of Monterey Rd. between Morgan Hill and San Jose.

The town of San Lucas California, although tiny, is rich in history with a long tradition of cattle ranching which dates back to the early days of the spanish rancheros. It was a regular stop on the old Souther Pacific railroad, as well as a popular gathering place for ranchers and settlers in the area.

Updated 3/1/2006..... Location #A added for the bridge over the Salinas river on Lockwood-San Lucas Rd.


San Lucas North

Old Route Detour Sweetwater Chevron San Lucas Wildhorse Cafe, Motel, Truck Stop Old Concrete Alignment


San Lucas

Old Route South Crossing Bunte General Store San Lucas Truck Stop The Pit Stop North Crossing


San Lucas South

SP Crossing Camp Rojo Old Cement  Loop San Ardo Section San Lucas San Lucas Rd Bridge


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