Location #3

This location is just north of the town of San Lucas. This is where the original pre-1930 route crossed over the SP Railroad tracks. I was told by several residents originally that the highway never came down Main St. or crossed over the tracks, but rather, stayed on the west side through town. But a search of the historical USGS topographic maps showed clearly that the original route crossed the tracks at this location.

This portion of a USGS topgraphic map printed in 1927 shows the crossing.

View of the crossing looking west from the east side of the tracks.

The warn, grey area is about where the crossing was. View facing south.

Closer view of the worn area.

This dirt more pretty closely marks the original route into San Lucas. View looking north.

This is looking southeast at Cattleman Rd. just south of San Lucas. This is one of those dangerous dips where many accidents occurred, especially at night.


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