Location #4

This location details the original pre-1930 route of Highway 101 through the town of San Lucas. Basically, it's Main St., and there were 3 crossings over the SP tracks. One just north of Rosa St., near the church, which connected to Lockwood San Lucas Rd. on the west side, one at the end of San Lucas St., and the last one at the far north end of town near the west end of Monterey St.. Also included on this page is the icon for the town of San Lucas... the old grain tower at the south end of town.

This is from the 1919 USGS topographic map of the area.

View looking north on Main St.

View looking south down Main St. from the north end of town.

The old grain tower near the track at the south end of San Lucas.

Closer view of the bottom of the tower.

A vintage shot of the tower...date unknown.


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