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If you ever visit San Lucas, you have to check out this place. The Bunte general store was built in 1886, and has been continuously operated as such to this day. At different times it was also used as a residence, and a gas station. Owned today by Helen McCormack, it is located on the SE corner of Main and Anita St.. Inside this impressive old structure is an amazing collection of genuine antiques from the surrounding area, including a glass-enclosed coin and currency collection under the counter at the register, and an old steele safe that looks like it was taken right out of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

Updated 7/29/06.... On the evening of July 10, 2006, the old Bunte General store was completely burned to the ground in an arson fire.

View of the front looking southeast from Main St..

View facing northeast.

View from Anita St. of the north side of the building.

The signage above the front door.

This sign used to be lower, but people kept putting their initials on it, so it was placed up high.

This photo from 1890 shows the Bunte store in the background. (Photo Courtesy of Helen McCormack)

This plaque is located on the front of the building and details some of the history.

I know it's not the greatest quality, but this photo shows the store when it was pumping gas.

View inside of some of the architecture.

Another shot from inside the store.

A shot of some of the original shelving.

Helen was kind enough to let me move a couple of things out of the way to get a shot of this great old safe.


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