Location #10

About 3.5 miles north of San Lucas the original pre-1930 route made a slight jog to the west, and then back north as it decended again into the Salinas River valley. The ranch that is there now is actually connected to Cattleman Rd. by it's own overpass over the current freeway.

This is from the 1919 USGS topographic map of the area. It shows the detour here, as well as a coupld buildings that are still there today.

View looking south showing the overpass to the ranch. The old alignment cut over just about where the fence on the right ends.

View looking southwest from the ranch. The old route went about where the wooden fence is in the middle of the photo.

This dirt road is near the old route as it angles back north.

Same as the above photo, a little further to the north.


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