Location #11

The Sweetwater gas station/ store located at 51270 Cattleman Dr. Sweetwater makes San Lucas look like a thriving metropolis. It consists of a large barn, some trailer-homes, and this gas station. According to the current owner, Leo Moss, it was a Chevron for most of it's life, and has been shut down since around 1960. The previous owner was Lidia Castelli. She operated it as a gas station, store, and even a small restaurant, if you can believe it. It was originally built around 1930, and there is at least one photo of it from that time period that was in the posession of Leo Moss. If he finds it, I hope to include it on the page.

View of the tiny station looking northwest.

View looking southwest.

View looking due west from Cattleman Rd..

Close-up of the fittings on the old pump island.


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