Location #12

This location is near the intersection of the current freeway, and Wildhorse Rd. It includes the San Lucas truck stop, which was relocated to this location in the late sixties when it was known that the 101 would be bypassing it, the WildHorse Cafe, which was built, and still owned and operated by Bruce and Melvina Dodson in 1971, and the tiny Ciudad Del Rey motel, which was built around the same time. I'm still checking into this, but there may have been a time when the highway ran directly in front of these businesses.

The gas pumps in the rear of the new San Lucas truck stop.

The Valero station was added later.

The WildHorse restaurant.

View looking southwest.

The current signage.

The sign for the Ciudad Del Rey motel. Needs a little paint.

The office is in the store now, but it used to be here.

The five units on the south side.

The other five units on the north side.

The pool area.

These motel dish gardens are almost a thing of the past now.

Another view of the old office entrance.

A roof decoration with the sign in the background.

I like this one the best.


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