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The Rios-Caledonia Adobe at 700 S. Mission St. This is located at the very southern end of San Miguel about 1/4 mile south of Mission San Miguel. Built in 1835 as a house for the civilian administrator of the San Miguel Mission, it later became an Inn, and was notorious for putting up guests like the Dalton Brothers and Frank & Jesse James. The old cement 101 runs just to the east of the adobe, and serves as the driveway into the park. On a map near the entrance to the adobe, they have it named "Old Stagecoach Road". According to the curator of the museum, there may have been a time when it also served as a gas station, and indeed, there is an old bottle-style Richfield pump on display just north of the gift shop.

View of the old cement highway facing north toward the entrance to the adobe park on Mission Street.

View looking south from about the same location as the above picture. The adobe is on the right.
The old bottle-style Richfield gas pump.
The Richfield logo.
This part of the pump was used by attendants only to disperse various pre-set amounts of gasoline.
The setting pin used to mark the amount.
View looking south down "Old Stagecoach Road"
View facing north from where the old cement section ends at the south end of the property.
Close-up showing cement slab with asphalt covering.


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