Location #5

The old San Miguel Motel located at 1350 N Street, just east of the railroad tracks across from where the railroad station used to be. This was originally known as the La Favorita Hotel back in 1895, and became a motel later when the highway came through. The current occupants of the building were kind enough to let me copy an old photograph taken when it was a hotel back around the turn of the century.

View of the main office and old hotel looking east from N street.

A photo taken in the late 1800's when it was the La Favorita Hotel & Restarante.
View of some small cabins on the north end of the property.
Another view on cabins on the north end.
It's pretty hard to read this old signage. It may have been changed a couple times over the years.
A classic old "office" sign.
View of the south side of the property.
If you squint, you can still see the "San Miguel Motel" lettering that has been painted over.


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