Location #1

The first location in the Santa Margarita section is a place near the northbound off-ramp from 101 to Santa Margarita. The original route followed along this way and proceded down El Camino Real through Santa Margarita, and Atascadero. The small frontage road here is a private road for the PG&E company, but I was able to get a few pics anyway.

Updated 3/29/05.. The last 4 pictures on this page were taken as a result of more detailed inspection of this area from aerial photos and from other information.


Apparantly, when Cal Trans tore up the old 101 cement highway, they left some of it here. This is behind the Park & Ride area just east of the off-ramp.

A closer view of the same as above.
This view is of the PG&E road looking north about 100 yards south of the Santa Margarita off-ramp. The west side of the road shows part of the old slab.
It appears that part of the old highway was broken up and used as fill between the current freeway, and the PG&E road.
A close-up of some of the material from the above photo. Note the cut grooves in the cement.
View looking north about 50 yards from the entrance to the PG&E road showing part of the old highway on the west side.
The east end of the park & ride area at the Santa Margarita turnoff. This is looking east. Its been paved over a few times, but this is the old 1912 alignment.
Another shot looking east with El Camino Real to the left.
Same spot as the above photo. View looking west.
Close-up showing the multiple asphalt layers here.


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