Location #B

This location was added to the section on 3/29/05 after closer inspection of aerial photographs of the area, and subsequent field verification. This is a nice section of the original 1912 alignment in the area between the PG&E road and the railroad tracks just east of the northbound Santa Margarita turnoff from the current 101 freeway. It is not visible from the road, and can only be accessed by walking down the railroad track from the Park & Ride.


View looking north. That's the PG&E road to the left.

Close-up view of the cement showing the dioritic matrix and asphalt patching.
View looking north as the old road heads into a heavily wooded area.
Same location as the above photo facing south. The PG&E road, and freeway can be seen near the top.
I'm not sure what this big cement blocks may have been used as.
Another shot showing the granite diorite in the cement.
Shot looking north as we enter a very wet, wooded area.
A bit further north of the previous photo, looking south.
Same place as the above photo, looking north. This was taken after a pretty wet season, but this drainage problem must have existed when the road was being used in the early 1900's.
A little further north.
This area of the old highway has been completely asphalted over with multiple layers.
Close-up showing this thich asphalt covering in this area that is about 50 ft. long.
Another shot facing south of this thick asphalt. My guess is that the poor drainage in the area here may have been why this was done.
A little further to the north. View facing north showing exposed cement and asphalt patching.
Same location as the above photo, looking south.
Close-up showing the old cement, and patching.
View facing south with the PG&E road visible on the left.


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