Location #3

The Burger Station at 628 Main Street on the west side of the street, (southbound). This was definitely an old gas station and a vintage bottle style gas pump is on display in the front. I'm still researching the information on this property, but it may have been either Hove's Texaco, or Larsen's Shell back to the 1930's. The pump is well preserved, but may not be originally from this location.

Updated....5/24/05...3 Pictures added and additional info obtained from Michelle Molnar, the current owner of The Burger Station.

Updated 10/30/05... According to Mike Willhoit, who grew up in Templeton, the station was known as Bob Allen's Seaside Gas station during the 1950's.


View looking northwest.

View of same as above photo looking south.
Small garage on the north end of the property.
Full length shot of an old Shell gas pump, (not from this station). The red handle pumped gas from underground up into the calibrated bottle above. Gas would then be released into the car by the hand nozzle. Gravity fed. I'm guessing they wouldn't take an ATM card either.
Close-up of the calibrated bottle.
Close up of the hand release nozzle.
The proudly displayed Burger Station sign.
An authentic Shell Gasoline thermometer.
The bathroom located directly behind the garage.
This is a peephole that was drilled into the bathroom window. According to Michelle, it was used for the sole attendant to watch the pumps while doing his business.


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