Location #A

Added on 4/17/2009.... This new alignment was found thanks to a tip from Logan Cooper, a resident of Templeton. This location is near the railroad tracks behind the property at 1173 S. Main St. Blaine Rickson was nice enough to allow me to come on the property to take these pictures. This old original alignment was built around 1916, and abandoned for the Main St. alignment in 1929.

View looking north of the old cement alignment behind the property just south of 1173 S. Main St.

Another view looking South.


The old highway is now used as a driveway into this shed.

View looking south of the old concrete route behind 1173 S. Main St. The width here is only 15 ft.


Another view looking south. That's Blaine on the right.
Close-up view of the concrete matrix here.
View facing north. Vintage road and the bridge over the RR tracks in the background.
Another view looking north.
View facing south with the house at 1173 S. Main St. in the background.
Close-up showing the concrete with asphalt covering.


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