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This page covers the original routing of Route 2, and later, US 101 through the old town of Arroyo Grande on Bridge St., and north on Branch Street from 1908 until 1932. Before the curve on Traffic way was built, highway traffic came north on Bridge St., then made a hard turn west on Branch St. before heading north on El Camino Real. The original bridge over Arroyo Grande creek was built in 1908, and is still in use today.

View facing south on Bridge St. as it comes into Arroyo Grande from the south. The park area is in the wedge between Bridge St., and the beginning of the Traffic Way curve.

This business is on the corner of Nelson and Bridge St..

Same place as the above photo. This is how it looked in the 1930's when it was Brisco & Son's service, the first gas station in Arroyo Grande. That's Charles Brisco next to the pump. Photo courtesey of Howard Mankin.

The garage at Brisco & Son's service station in the early 1900's judging from the cars being worked on. Note the car pits that were used then, instead of today's hydraulic lifts.

View looking north on Bridge St of the 1909 bridge.

The design of these bridge supports is very similar to the ones of the old bridge at San Ardo.

View of the bridge looking south.

This sign is on the north end of the bridge.

View looking south on Bridge St. from the corner at Branch St.. The old stone building on the right is going to be the new home of the South SLO County Historical Society.

View looking west on Branch St. as it curves around toward Traffic Way.


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