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San Miguel, California is a small, but historically rich community located about ten miles north of Paso Robles along the Salinas river. It is most notable for the Mission San Miguel Arcangel which was founded in July of 1797 as a halfway stop between the already existing missions at San Antonio, and San Luis Obispo. Other historical locations in this town are the Rios Adobe, the Elkhorn Saloon, and the old La Favorita Hotel. It was also a stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad, but the station no longer exists.
The original route of 101 starts at the Rios Adobe at the south end of town, then merges with Mission St., and continues north through town until it eventually merges onto the current freeway. The only place where the old cement can be seen is at the Rios Adobe, where they have named it "Old Stagecoach Road".

Rios Adobe Mission San Miguel Unio Oil Station Elkhorn Saloon La Favorita Shady Rest Motel

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